Affiliate Program FAQ’s Are there any costs?
No, there are no fees of any kind. You don’t have to spend a dime. We pay for processing and postage of your affiliate check as well as all customer-related expenses including order processing. How is my payment calculated?
Every month, a check will be mailed to you for your affiliate payment. If you sign up before this special offer expires, your payment is based on 40% of all orders generated by your web site, every month Is this risk free and if so how?
Our Partner program is 100% Risk free . You don’t pay us anything, instead we pay you 40% per sale that is generated by you. How much money can I make if I sign up as an affiliate ?
Many of our Affiliates are generating thousands of dollars in monthly revenue, Your results may vary depending upon the number of sales that you generate for us. Webmasters can directly influence revenue levels by placing Affiliate links prominently and on multiple pages within the site. You have complete control over where and how the link appears. We have a very high click through conversion rate of b/w 4 – 8%. This is some of the best in the industry. To give you an idea of how much money you make consider the example below…Clicks from your site to ours = 10,000
Conversion rate (Variable) = 4%
No. of sales = 400
Gross Revenue @ 49.95 = $19,980
Your Share @ 40% per sale = $ 7,992 per month How do you track my site’s revenue?
It’s very easy to set up and verify. We’ll provide you with a unique link URL and HTML code for your Affiliate links. Your Affiliate name is recorded on orders submitted by users coming from your site. If you have more than one web site, you are welcome to use your affiliate link on all of your sites to track the revenue you earn. How do I know how much I am making and when do I get paid ?
We provide you with detailed monthly reports via email to let you know exactly how much you have earned. You get paid monthly within 30 days of the end of each month provided your account balance is above $100, payments below that amount are carried n to the next month until the amount is reached. Do you give graphics and banners and what about the technical knowledge required ?
Once you are signed up we will provide you with graphics and banners as well as the html code that is needed in your webpage. Very basic HTML knowledge is required and integration takes less than 30 seconds. If you still have trouble in integration, our Partner Support Team will be happy to assist you. I still have a question, who do I contact ?The revenue partner Email Address is Please direct any questions regarding our partner program to this email address. 
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