On which Operating System do all you programs Run ?
Windows XP/Vista/7
 How do I download and Use Window Power Tools ?

You may download Window Power Tools from

After clicking on the above link you will get a dialog box with open and save as option, choose save as option and save the file on your desktop.

If your download doesn’t starts by clicking on the link or your are unable to click on the link then simply copy and paste the above link into your browsers address bar and click go button. Once the download is complete, double click the file drptools.exe to start the installation of Window Power Tools 2012. Follow the instructions as they appear on screen, after installation is finished, restart your PC.

Now start using Window Power Tools by clicking on the Window Power Tools icon from your desktop.What are the program’s minimum requirements ?

Window Power Tools System Requirements
PC running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
4 MB of Hard disk space.

Disk Space Recovery Wizard System Requirements

PC running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
2 MB of Hard disk space.

MemZilla System Requirements

PC running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
2 MB of Hard disk space.

Window Security Toolkit System Requirements
PC running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
2 MB of Hard disk space.
 Is the Program Free, if not then for how long can I use it before deciding to purchase ?
Window Power Tools, Disk Space Recovery Wizard, MemZilla and Window Security Toolkit are NOT free but shareware which means that you may use the program free of charge for the 7 day trial period during which time the programs will be fully functional however they will fail to function after 7 days unless you buy them, if you decide to keep using the programs after 7 days then you must purchase them at https://dmisoftware.com/purchases/ Where can I download the program ?
Please visit the download page at http://dmisoftware.com/hypertrial.htmHow do I restore Original Settings ?
For all programs the Uninstaller is equipped with the technology to uninstall all changes made by each program and to restore the system the way it was before the programs were installed. Simply use the control panel / Add-Remove Programs to undo any changes made by any of the programs. NOTE : Do not manually delete any program.Do I get a free upgrade to Window Power Tools version 2012 ?(NEW)
Please take a look at the upgrade page at https://dmisoftware.com/windows-power-tool-upgrade-page/ to see if you qualify.I don’t remember my order number for Window Power Tools version 2012? (NEW)
Please email us your full name, email address used to purchase the software from us and we will look into this for you.